Client: GoGuardian (2017)

Tools Used:

Goal: Design and build an improved reporting interface, based on user needs and feedback we had received over the course of several years.


  1. Starting with user feedback, I worked with our data science and user research teams to prioritize why our customers need reporting. I used tools like Uservoice, data from our products, as well as session information from FullStory, to compile this data.
  2. Organizing thoughts and sketching. The pyramid on the right shows some of this data at a high level.
  3. From there, my team and I explored the technical scope of our data infrastructure to see what data was feasible to pull in, how wait times would affect the UX, etc.
  4. Refined over several days to arrive at solutions, which we then prioritized and built.

GoGuardian Admin - Sketch
Advancing from paper sketches to digital UI


  • Researched, scoped, designed, and shipped new reporting design patterns for GoGuardian products, to be rolled out to customers in several phases over the next 2-3 years.