Client: GoGuardian

GoGuardian Admin is used by thousands of school districts and millions of  devices around the world to filter web content for K12 students, both in-school and for take-home laptops. As UX lead for GoGuardian Admin, I was responsible for redesigning our filtering solution to scale into the future. I worked closely with our engineering and data science teams on this project. Ultimately, our 2.0 product (shown above) was adopted by more than 80% of our users within 6 months of beta rolllout and saw user engagement double from the previous version.

Tools used:

  • Pen and Paper for initial wireframes
  • Sketch for UI
  • Adobe Illustrator for composite
  • Adobe After Effects for this render


  1. Organize filtering architecture into a user experience that was intuitive to use while also powerful enough to accomplish complex user workflows. I worked with our engineering leads to design this architecture before starting on the UX/UI so we could be sure it would solve user needs.
  2. Use a design language our users are familiar with (e.g. sticking with Jakob’s Law). I chose Material Design patterns and a responsive layout catered toward larger resolutions (1200px + wide) because our customers tend to have larger displays.
  3. Deliver a composition that our engineering team can work from

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 6.02.49 PM