The Grid is like graph paper before you start drawing — it has become the foundation to start something in 3D at Moon Grove Studios. When designing interactive environments, I’ve found that modularity (e.g.consolidating components into independent chunks) helps tremendously down the line. With The Grid, we wanted a foundation that was both reusable and modular — this would serve as a jumping-off point for multiple projects where a camera is following a subject in 3D with common physics properties. In particular, The Grid system consists of:

  • Vehicle Controllers
  • Camera Controllers: First-person, third-person, cinematic
  • Physics Controllers and properties that are likely to be reused
  • Third party tools, assets, and shaders to speed up development
  • Project Structure: a scalable folder structure and naming convention
  • Github integration, of course

For this specific example, a Cybertruck model has been added to The Grid, along with a multi-camera system, lighting, and a wireframe shader with emission. Additionally, an input controller is handling vehicle movement alongside the vehicle controller.